Veg…anch’io: a new, quick and balanced way to consume valuable vegetable proteins.

Organic, gluten-free and single-serving, the Veg…anch’io® burger is ideal for creating a delicious sandwich, to be accompanied by tasty sauces or a healthy, light vegetable side dish.

The Veg…anch’io® burger wins you over at first taste.


It meets the needs of vegetarians and vegans and is ideal for those who choose products of vegetable origin. It is also a tasty alternative for those who wish to balance their animal and vegetable proteins consumption.


Only ingredients from certified organic farming. Eating a good burger is a pleasure. However, this pleasure is greater if produced with respect for the environment and people.


The waste-saving format encourages impulse buying. According to the 2018 Nomisma observatory, attention to waste is the main value-driving Italians' food purchases.

There is no other burger like it.
So nutritious and so light at the same time.
Veg…anch’io  is an irresistible 100% vegetable novelty that satisfies and satiates without weighing you down.